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Stuff you need to know

Your Brand

Your brand is your statement to the market about who you are; an immediate form of recognition. It’s yours. Giving us the responsibility to care for it is something we take seriously. We are proud brand guardians and will always ensure the respect for your brand is front and center of our processes.
To ensure we can live to this promise, we make no apologies about being particular about the types of files we get from you. There are many different branding methods and that requires different formats. The following details will help you ensure we get it right; always.

Getting your approval

Before we get into production, we will seek your approval of the artwork. This is not just about making sure it is the correct logo, but is it the correct colour, in the right place and is it the right size. The approval process will also include the necessary product specifications.

Getting your logo to us

Simple! Click the link on the homepage "Upload your file". Rest assured we will be in touch if what you send us doesn’t suit what you need. If we are embroidering, a simple good quality .jpg or pdf will be suitable. If we are doing anything else, it is best that we have a high res vector file such as .ai or.eps. If you are unsure what logo types you have, lets touch base and we can help you through it.

Is there a set up fee for adding a logo?

Yes there is. If we have never worked together before, we will charge you $30.00 excluding GST to set up your logo for embroidery. This is a one off fee and won't be charged again.
If we are printing your logo, the set up fees are bigger and do depend on how many colours are required. It is best to talk to us before you place your order so that we can lock a price down. 
With every form of branding, volume has a significant effect on price. The more you buy, the more cost effective it is.

Want a better price?

No worries. This obviously means you want some decent numbers. Make contact with us and let's chat. Once we know what the scale of your needs are, we will cut a deal! 

Importing - what's the quantity threshold?

This depends heavily on what product. Pens are greater than 10,000 units however bags, drink bottles, caps and stress toys could be as low as 500 units.
Talk to us. We do this all the time and the quantities vary. The key is to plan in the lead times. Get the planning right and buy enough, you will save in the long run


Logo Methods

Many techniques are used to apply a logo and depending on the type of items there can be many different forms that can be applied to a type. The most common in our market are:

Embroidery: Used to add logos and monograms on to business apparel, sports apparel as well as household linens. Embroidery machines have large numbers of needles which allows for multiple colours to be incorporated onto the design. Pricing for embroidery is dictated by the amount of stitches. Most logo’s that would be applied to the left chest of a shirt will have somewhere between 3500 and 8000 stitches.

Screen Printing: Application of ink on to a surface such as material, plastic, vinyl, wood etc. Perfect for larger quantities of apparel, promotional products and paper products. To minimise the costs of screen printing, good quantities are helpful. Set up costs are high but divided across a large number of items, these are easily absorbed.

Transfer Printing: Used to apply a logo to a ‘something’ and generally through heat. This sometimes has disadvantages due to heat reducing performance on coated garments however this method offers a reasonably priced full colour option.

Digital Printing: This method allows the design to be printing directly onto a surface. Again being full colour, this is an excellent method especially for those ‘busy’ logos. This method has the risk of being a little more expensive and has generally been associated with paper or print.

Engraving/Etching: Perfect for personalising metal or in the case of laser-engraving for personalising glass, crystal or in some cases leather. Sand-blasting onto glass is another method where the design is created on a stencil and placed over the area to be decorated and then “blasted”.

Embossing / Debossing: Ideal on items such as stationary, letterheads, business cards. It is primarily used however for branding leather goods and other related materials.